How it works

No more shaving constantly or waxing every 4 weeks. No more ingrown hairs! Laser hair removal is proven most efficient, gentle, cost effective and fastest way to remove unwanted hair.

Laser permanent hair reduction works by delivering an intense beam of light into the skin which is absorbed by the hair follicle and converted to heat. The heat then damages the hair follicle, preventing further hair growth, whilst leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.

Most body parts can be treated and you can experience up to 85% to 99% hair reduction.

We offer to every client a FREE initial consultation where we can further discuss treatment plan and make sure you are a suitable candidate for laser treatment.

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Our technology

At our clinic we use the Candela GentleLASE, which is an Alexandrite 755nm Gold Standard medical grade laser.

The GentleLASE 755 nm alexandrite laser is Candela’s premier hair removal laser, treating quickly, comfortably and effectively. Both light and dark skin colours can be treated safely.

We also use the Zimmer cooling device to make sure you have a comfortable experience.

All of our lasers are operated by certified experienced and knowledgeable laser technicians.

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  1. Is it safe?

    Laser hair removal is proven to be extremely safe. All of the technicians at our clinic are certified and experienced laser professionals.

  1. How many treatments will I need?

    We normally recommend around 8 to 10 treatments depending on the area treated. On facial hairs, around 10 to 15 treatments are required. The amount of treatments required will also vary from person to person, as each individual reacts to laser treatment in a different way.Treatments are done 4-6 weeks apart and must be done consistently for ultimate results.

  1. Are all hairs being removed on each session?

    No. This is because the hair growth has different cycles. At each treatment session, only hairs in the Anagen phase (active growth phase) will be destroyed. Not all hairs will be in the same phase at the same time, hence why we recommend treatment every 4 to 6 weeks, to make sure all hairs get removed.

  1. Does it hurt?

    This will vary from one individual to another. Most people find the discomfort to be minimal and associate the sensation to a rubber band flicking on the skin. We use the Zimmer cooling device to make sure treatment is as comfortable as possible.

  1. How do I prepare for my treatment?

    Before you come for your laser appointment, it is recommended that you shave the areas treated two nights before the treatment. The shorter the hair, the better results you will get. This is because we need all of the laser energy to go down to the hair follicle, instead of being dispersed on hairs sitting on the surface. The only exception is on womens facial area. In this case, no preparation is required. The area treated must not have been waxed or plucked for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment as hair need to be existent inside hair follicle. This also applies to bleached hairs as very light hairs will not respond to treatment.

  1. What should I expect immediately after treatment?

    Most people straight after treatment will experience erythema (redness - as in a mild sunburn) and edema (slight swelling of hair follicles that will look like little bumps). These reactions are completely normal and will subside in a few hours, however, they can persist for a few days in some clients. Applying Aloe Vera or any cooling gels to the area treated will assist in helping this reaction.

  1. Can I do laser hair removal over tattoos?

    No. The laser targets any kind of pigment and will remove tattoos. We will carefully work around any tattoos in the area to be treated.

  1. Does it work on blonde/ grey hair?

    The laser light is attracted to the pigment in the hair, therefore it works best on dark hairs. Blonde hairs and grey hairs do not respond to treatment.